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This is another resolution motivated by a book that I would like to be able to read: this work by Helmut Ziefle. I’m really keen on achieving this resolution because it will help in researching for my thesis/PhD. I love learning languages, so I’m sure this will be fun.

I’m using German Made Simple. There are about 45 lessons in this book, I think I can do at least 2 a week. So that puts me close to the middle of the year when I finish this. Hopefully, I will be able to do some basic reading and vocabulary building exercises after that and maybe even struggle through Modern Theological German Reader.

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It will really be a push to get through both books in a year especially with the amount reading I do in class and for Sunday School. But the reading for 1 Samuel should allow me to engage with several works I would like to read over the summer.

I would like to read Mark because I’ve never read through a gospel in the Greek before. Last year, I read through Malbon’s Mark’s Jesus. Her work has piqued my interested in Mark, so I’m excited about reading through it.

I’m still working on a reading schedule. I would like to aim on being done with both by September at the latest. I’m also debating whether or not I should read through both at the same time or just tackle them both individually. Finally, I’m going to try to read them side-by-side with a commentary. I have some ideas for Samuel, but for Mark, the jury’s still out. Let me know if you have any advice!

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